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Now you can watch MCX Commodity prices live anytime, anywhere on any device without downloading a single piece of software. is a free service which provides and enable traders to watch live mcx market. Commodity market price has direct impact on one's daily life. Gold and silver purchase and trade is part of festivals and other important occassions. In india gold is treated as one of most precious metal for investment purpose.

MCX Gold Live Price

Gold price is key of our economy. Gold is considered as one of oldest and safest trading options in market. Because of importance of MCX Gold Price even dailynewspapers publish gold last day price. On our website you can view MCX Gold price for 24K Gold.

MCX Crude Oil Prices

From ride of your daily commuting vehicle to office gensets to indian transport system, for all of them crude oil is the lifeline. Crude oil which is also known as light sweet crude oil is the main product to create several byproducts such as diesel, petrol, jet fuel, lubricants, candles, tar, petrolium jelly, kerocine oil and even candles. India being third largest importer of crude oil has a lot to do with changing crude oil prices.

MCX Base Metals Price

MCX Zinc Price

Zinc is considered very important metal which is used in coating and protection industry and battery industry. Zinc is also used in electroplating and electric earthing industry. prices you tick to tick live price of MCX Zinc without any delay

MCX Aluminum Price provides you most accuarte live prices for aluminium base metal. Aluminum is shiny metal used in automobile, aircrafts, telecommunication and various industrial products

Copper Live Prices

Copper being one of most economical and conductive material available in market has great influence in electrical manufacturing and wires industry. It is als used in form of various alloys and used in large quantities in e scooters/ Electric cars powertrain systems. Our website gives you live prices of MCX Copper

MCX Lead Price

If you trade in lead we have live prices of both MCX LEAD mega lots and mini lots. Lead being heavy metal in nature used in various petrochemical industries and battery industry.Very common home and car batteries also contains lead in large quantity

MCX Nickel Price

Like Zinc Nickel is also widely used in electroplating industry. On you can view live market price from MCX commodity exchange without any delay.